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IV - On web

- Directories
Any directories, Classed by adding mode.

- Market
Any systems to market your site. Ads management, whit trade, micro-payment..

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


IV- 2: Market your web site

If you have atractive site, and you have stand many times to build it, you ever want to market it. There are many technics to do that, and web have tools (like everytime) which give you the money to pay an hosting and a serious promotion.

Now, this is the tree possibility which a freelance webmaster can use to market his site :
- Advertising on your site, payed by "big site' or marketing site, always with banners or logos. Many sites make the link (free) betwen you and the big site, this is the add regie.
- So you can install a paying zone just can view with a little payment by phone. There too many site to manage your zone (free).
- Any sites give 'to install on your site pages of them, services, boutiques... and revers you a pourcent of their gain. This is the whit mark. Idéal to market an hosting.

Whit trade
Ads management
Payment on line
    Allopass : The secure micro-payment for every webmaster. Allopass is the leader of micro-payment, with a lot of services. Create payed zone on your site, manage banners and ads, buy some codes...