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III - Put on ligne

- Hosting
What solution you have to choose to host your site ?

- Transfert
Transfert your web site on line. Test your pages.

- Promote
Promote your site. Directories and search engine, partners...

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


III- 3: Promote your site

A site that nobody find is not very interesting. So, you have to promote it.

You can propose it to the search engine and directories (the chapter is already linked by "add your site" ).

The search engine just need few elements (URL and email) and their bots will come to crawl and analyse your page...
The most of them are interesed by :
- The title of your page
- the meta names of your page : the meta names are a special indication for search engines you have to write in the <head> of your page html. The most important are Keywords and Description. The meta "Keywords" is a suite of keywords on the thems of your site.... The meta Description is a description of the page in one line.
- The text on page, in first, at the top of page, and in the link.

And now, a stong indice is, popularity : number of links which go on your page. More than the site which link have an important indice, more your site go top too. So, you have to add your site in good directories.

The directories ask you to describe yourself your site and they accept it or not. You always give your name, the web site name, his adress, an email, a description and perhaps any keywords and localisation.

It's very intersting to make somes partners links, or whith banner (classical format : 468 X 60 pixels).



The most of search tools can be now paying to add your site, by buying keywords, fasty inscription... But a lot of webmasters just use free promotion.