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III - Put on ligne

- Hosting
What solution you have to choose to host your site ?

- Transfert
Transfert your web site on line. Test your pages.

- Promote
Promote your site. Directories and search engine, partners...

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

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III- Put your site on line

The put on line of your site will just be done only after you have totally finish the site (befor the next naws of course). In first, to respect your client who don't like to have a "site on building", in second, to begin imediatly a good promotion, whitout being refuse by directories.

In fact, I don't believe it's really possible.
After the first put on line, you will always find any mystaques to change : Hyperlinks which don't work yet, too strong medias, somes navigators bugs...
Maybe you can have some test whith scripts before the real put on line. Look at nobody watch this page in work, by not linking it on another page and you can secur it by a robots.txt for the search engine, and a file .htaccess (to create a pass), for the surfer.

Be carrefule in concept and the make in page that you ca modify easly and fastly your web page.


The put on line could be prepare before, by contact an hosting, by test your ftp, but don't do that to fast, because payment is year by year.
You can choose too a list of site in your them they can reference your site.