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III - Put on ligne

- Hosting
What solution you have to choose to host your site ?

- Transfert
Transfert your web site on line. Test your pages.

- Promote
Promote your site. Directories and search engine, partners...

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


III- 1: Hosting for your site

You have now to find a place on web, a place to stock your pages and give them to the surfer.

Many site give free hosting, but there is always inconvenient : pictures or pop up of advert, many scripts are forbiden (form, forum...), no possibility to have too many people , a long adresse for domaine name...
But, there's any good free hosting and you can test it.

So you have to pay hosting. Don't go too fast and compar ofers. You always buy a domain name with it.
Before paying, try to found a webmasters forum where it's speak of the hosting you have chosen. The price is not the only point : look at services quality, the techic support speed...

To buy a domain name, and tools to create your site :


Free hosting is normaly not for professional site, but they accept them in fact.