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III - Put on ligne

- Hosting
What solution you have to choose to host your site ?

- Transfert
Transfert your web site on line. Test your pages.

- Promote
Promote your site. Directories and search engine, partners...

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


III- 2: Transfert your site on line

Your hosting will transmit you by mail login and pass you need for your FTP connection. The ftp logiciel aske you too your url (ftp.your-url.com ou ftp.free-hosting.com/your-url).

Transfert your folder and your files with a ftp software by puting them in the folder which give your hosting. The hosting you pay send a mail at the first with all the information.
So, look at the help of your hosting.

Your arborescence of files have to be the same in your hosting, not to Break your links. Links like "../folder/mypage" (relativ way) will be good if youwill have the same arborescence. For the links like "C:/Windows/..." (absolute way) must be change on hosting by : "http://myhosting/folder/mypage.html" to work on line.

Transfert only optimised files and html pages. Any building files used your swich band for nothing.

You can look since the transfert is doing if your pages are working with a classical navigator.



If you have mater to connect to your ftp on hosting, Send a mail to the hosting (after checking your pass and pseudo) or to look at the help or the Forum of your hosting.
Band swich may be too little and page is charging slowly. You wil need to upgrade your hosting for more space or band swich.