Learn to create your site and to market it

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I- Concept :

- Structure
Compose your directories structure and the folder for files of your site.

- Medias
How to insert pictures, videos, music...

- Software
What software to create your site ?

- Scripts
Agrement your site, find some contacts, make your stats...

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


I- 3: Software to create your site

To use your medias, you will need any softwares. Think before for software witch corespond to your project. You will certainly have a web pages maker, a software for photos, a software for FTP transfert, and so, un navigator. Maybe think to animation or movie.

If you dont want to buy "the big " of market like Photoshop, Golive or Flash, you manage whith demos we find on web or tabloïd.

Any Freewares can give some good service (FTP Expert, Gifbuilder...) but they dont egal professionnel version. (So you can try Linux, but I dont say this to a beginer).

For your forums, guest book, form, stats... You will find on line a lot of good services.



There is on web quantity of logiciels on the midle, which you pay 15 to 45 dollars and it can give you good services. For example to create any menus, to make 3D, to make Flash whithout flash, some java... this applications can be tested whith many navigator. It's the same for "professional" scripts ", not free, can add value too your site (member zone, adverts, mailing...)