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I- Concept :

- Structure
Compose your directories structure and the folder for files of your site.

- Medias
How to insert pictures, videos, music...

- Software
What software to create your site ?

- Scripts
Agrement your site, find some contacts, make your stats...

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


I- 2: Find medias for your site

In a folder "construction", you will saved medias which you want to use :
It's can be photos (that we verify they have no copyright) scanned, take on web, or any pictures, any videos, music...

You have to think than web just support a light eight of file (look at chapter optimisation) and our medias are always in bad quality. You always have to throw a too big graphik, a too beautifull photo, even it's realy the subject of your site, if you don't want to loose faster people whith low conection.
In general, 100 ko max for total height of your main page, for people stay in your site. You have to think that scripts have height too (more than his own eight in html). Your html code don't have to be more than 100 ko on a page to be index on search engine.

Here again, try to give time for thinking of the importation process, to automatise at top, and finish totally this stape, which take you more time if you'll have to come yet. Logiciels photos, and scripts, can create some galerie ownsalfe, or to repet some work in the time for example.



A site whith a lot of medias have to be well and intersted to make people waiting for, or you can just intersted fast conection.
You have to thinking to for scripts which can agrement your site.

Copyright is not very respected on web. But you dont have to be bad too. It's not possible to forbiden totally pictures or textes, but webmaster dont ever take law for having justice...