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V-1 : Stats on your web site

Where do your custumers are coming from ? Are they staying along on your site ? Which pages they prefer ?... A lot of answer so hard to obtain in "real life", so easy to find on web.

But stats are not always easly to understand : All the systems of stats have a lot of mystakes, that you will learn to clean with time.

You always find this indices on your stats (for the most importants) :

- The trafic of your site by day and by month. to have a global idea on your site evolution.
You will have details on your band swich used, the number of viewing pages, any error...

- The coming from of your custumer, in tree category, direct access (customer type adresse), access by a link from another site, access by search engine.
So you can put on top your best partners.

- Somes details on your custumer. The country, the navigator and configuration, Ip adress (theidentity of a custumer during his connection).


Stats are a very important point on web. There are always subject of disput when there are some interests : stats for advert, stats for band swich limit...