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II- Make in page

- Optimisation
It's the height of your files which give time to charge a page.

- Import
Category of files used for web whith the differents medias.

- Ergonomy
To surf easly on your web site.

- Include
How include some page or service on your web site.


- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


II- Include some pages in other pages : frame, i-frame and include

To modify a menu easly or to integrat some infos from another site, it can be good to know this make in page function :
A menu for example, is juste charge for one way, and will be easy to modify after, whitout make again all pages.

The three include method ever used are :

The frame html : The oldest function, it's compatible with all the new navigator. The frame html is making minimum in 3 pages : the mother frame, which give indices on place of frames, and the 2 frames on view, for example, the menu and the main page. We can place 3 or 4 frames. Dont think to have more frame, navigators limit by défaut nomber of pages which can be charge in the same time.

The i-frame : Internet Explorer want to promot his own function. It can be include in a page html without other indices. You can give the border, the body color, transparency...

Function include in php (you need pages in php) : The page include will be totally integrate in page.



the promotion of include page need a few work of optimisation. On this point of view, the best function is the include in php because the include page is writing like the first page (they juste do one).